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PSD2, SCA, and 3DS


Time to make PSD2 work for you

PSD2 continues to transform online payments. Proactive merchants are identifying fresh opportunities to innovate and take control of the data that drives their businesses. One significant area of opportunity in 2020 is strong customer authentication (SCA), which is set to become a requirement for most online transactions by the end of 2020.

By acting now, merchants can deliver secure, compliant transactions without compromising the user experience. This means you turning payment security into customer convenience.


Why now?

A compliant, secure and a seamless payments experience can go together with the right implementation of SCA with the latest version of 3D Secure. We recommend merchants to implement 3DS version 2 and review their payment strategy and processes.

If implemented well, SCA significantly reduces fraudulent payment transactions and chargebacks. It provides additional frictionless authentication options and new options for a liability shift to the issuer. It delivers user-friendly SCA for mobile and frictionless authentication and supports the main exemptions for regular online payments.


Get the support you need, and make PSD2 work for you

Frictionless authentication through 3DS 2.2 largely shifts fraud liability away from merchants, with improved customer experience. Plus, it presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to capture and communicate customer information, which can be used to evolve business models.

Ingenico can help with every aspect of 3D Secure implementation. Plus, merchants can benefit from unrivalled support and expert insight into how best to use customer data to streamline authentication processes.

Download the guide and learn about PSD2 SCA requirements and our recommendations.



Download the guide and learn about PSD2 SCA requirements and our recommendations 

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