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In Europe PSD2 continues to transform ePayments. Online businesses like yours have fresh opportunities to innovate and take control of the data that drives business. One significant area of opportunity is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which is set to become a requirement by the end of 2020.

The new version of 3D Secure, version 2, meets SCA requirements. At the same time it is driving the next generation of card fraud risk management and user experience. Because of this it offers a significant opportunity for online businesses, not only in Europe but around the world.

Worldline’s new SCA Accelerator Suite is designed to speed up compliance while improving your overall performance.

5 reasons why you should act now and implement SCA

  • 1. Reduce the risk of credit card fraud

    This will require you to work with issuers and payment service providers.

  • 2. Increase conversion rates

    If SCA is implemented successfully, PSD2 can make the payment process smoother.

  • 3. Get ahead of competitors

    Just 10 percent of transactions in the European Economic Area (EEA) currently use 3D Secure.

  • 4. Build trust with customers

    If you prove to be a trusted party, you can be placed on a whitelist by customers, meaning SCA is not required.

  • 5. Shift liability back to the issuer

    Businesses can expect fewer chargebacks and fraudulent payments.

Understand the possibilities for your industry

There is no doubt that PSD2 is generating a huge number of exciting opportunities. Online businesses operating in different industries will have different needs however, so it’s important to explore the details of what PSD2 will mean for you. Worldline has created a guide which helps you explore a range of possible 3DS use cases in more detail.

Download the PSD2 guide >

Worldline SCA Accelerator Suite

Worldline’s SCA Accelerator Suite will bring together all of Worldline ePayments’ expertise to help you improve your performance and facilitate the implementation of SCA.

Worldline’s SCA Accelerator Suite offers advanced features including:

  • Automatic Step-Up

    When issuers require SCA to authorize, transactions will be submitted through 3D Secure and then resubmitted for authorization without any impact on you.

  • Automatic Fallback

    If 3DS v2 fails, a transaction will automatically be resubmitted to an earlier version.

  • SmartComply

    Makes sure you perform 3D Secure when you are required to do so and analyzes transactions to determine if they are covered by the scope of PSD2. It determines if SCA is required or can be skipped.

  • AutoExempt

    Automatically selects and uses the best exemptions (e.g. whitelisting or low transaction value) depending on the nature of the transaction.

You can access the SCA Accelerator Suite to create seamless experiences across web, mobile and in-app. The Worldline platform also offers authentication routing, ensures data is collected appropriately and streamlines mobile UX.

Put simply, Worldline takes the hard work out of becoming PSD2 compliant with solutions that are built to handle the needs of online businesses. You should use this period of adjustment to test the latest version of 3DS ahead of the compliance deadline, and identify opportunities for further improvement.

It’s time to make PSD2 work for you.

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