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Whether you’re a finance, payments, or fraud expert, Insight has the tools and data to help you make smarter decisions, faster.

What’s new with Insight?

Ingenico’s new payments data-as-service platform Insight makes it simple to navigate and access payment information, analyze data, and to know when to take action. For example:

  • Insight can pull up data on tens of thousands of transactions in just a matter of seconds, giving you detailed results, fast. With customizable queries on Insight, you can then filter to focus on the fields that are relevant to your role or query.

  • Even better, when you export your customized data, Insight allows you to order the information in the same way as all of your existing reports. No need to spend hours reformatting your old Excel spreadsheets.

  • Insight lets you benchmark your company’s payment performance against similar businesses in your industry. By analyzing data and trends in individual countries, you can better understand your customer.


Your credit card authorization went up by 5% in Germany

Insight also offers features and capabilities to help effectively manage and optimize payment conversion rates and the customer experience in specific business areas.

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With chargebacks accounting for around 0.5 percent of all transactions, they can become an expensive problem if left unchecked. See how Insight can help tackle fraud and chargeback issues.


How will I know if fraudulent transactions and chargebacks are increasing?
A: Insight will send you alerts that show how chargeback rates are changing. Using an outlier detection tool based on a daily moving average calculation, it will trigger an alert letting you know if a transaction falls outside of the normal range for your business.


How can I resolve a dispute with a customer?
A: If you’re looking to offer a gesture of goodwill to a customer, Insight allows you to issue a partial payment – for example, 10 percent of the value of their original transaction. All you need to do is add the percentage value you’d like to refund into the tool, and Insight will automatically calculate the refund amount.
Finance professionals know better than most that time really is money. Insight includes new features to help you effectively navigate your company’s payment data as quickly as possible. 


How long will it take me to access historical payment data for my company? 
A: Insight can retrieve payments data all the way back to 2018 in a few seconds. Compared to other systems you may have used that require individual PDFs to be downloaded for each day’s data, our customers find this to be a much less time-consuming way of viewing the data you need. 


How can I easily check that my transaction data is fully aligned?
A: You can click straight through to the financials overview on the dashboard. This will show you the total number of transactions for your business and how much money has been deposited in specific bank accounts. You can see transaction data organized by currency, number of deposits made per day, and much more. With all this information easily available, you can cross reference your records to ensure everything is in order. 
To improve authorization and conversion rates, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay using the currency and payment method of their choice. See how Insight can help resolve customer challenges.


My customers make payments all over the world. How can I view details on the different banks and credit cards they have used to help improve conversion rates?
A: On the Insight platform you can view bank identification number (BIN) country data which shows where credit cards are used. For example, if a customer with a Dutch credit card is on holiday in the United States and makes a purchase, their internet protocol (IP) address would register as coming from the US. However, if this same credit card was used in the Netherlands, different rules would apply. Insight breaks this information down for you, so you can view authorization rates by country, how each bank is performing in that country, and which credit card issuers provide the card. This level of data can help you understand if certain banks have frequent issues with certain cards, and help to improve payments at the checkout stage.


Not all countries mandate 3D Secure. Can Insight help me find out more about where it applies?
A: Yes. If you are trading in various countries, you’ll realise that 3D Secure is mandated in some countries and isn’t yet in others. Some issuing banks, however, do mandate 3D Secure. With Ingenico Insight you can see which issuing banks in each country are mandating 3D Secure, which will help you optimize your conversation rates in specific markets.

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