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Insight: the first data-as-a-service payments platform

Make faster payment decisions

The era of payment dashboards with limited functionality and a poor user experience is over. Say goodbye to rigid payment dashboards and hello to Insight. Take control of your data to build customized reports that can help you make smarter payment decisions.

A new evolution in payment

Dive deep into transaction data

You need to know what is happening with your payments data in real-time. Take control of your data and make smarter payment decisions.

Resolve fraud issues faster

Spot anomalies and tackle fraud, conversion rate and chargeback issues with performance analysis across the payment funnel.


You are reaching your fraud threshold

Improve conversion

Turn on 3D secure to improve conversion rate

Take decisive action to boost conversion rates

Act on tailored performance data to improve conversion rates with Insight. Never miss an alert with personalized notifications letting you know when and where you need to act.

Your guide to Insight

Take a closer look at how our new Insight platform can help payments, finance, and fraud experts navigate payments data quickly and easily.

Transform your payments data

See how Insight is changing payment dashboards for good with autonomous analytics, real-time information, and deep dives into data.

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A new evolution in payments

Get detailed insights that provide you with the knowledge to influence future payments performance with a platform that’s designed with you in mind.

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