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How in-store mobility is redefining the shopper journey

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The new power of in-store mobility

Retail is set to undergo a tremendous transformation during the next five years as in-store mobility goes mainstream and even more retailers switch on to its potential to enhance both customer experience and drive sales.

Download our new position paper to discover Worldline insights and solutions to help merchants drive a successful in-store mobility strategy.

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of consumers are irritated by sales staff’s lack of product knowledge


of customers are more likely to buy if sales staff is knowledgeable


is the value of the mPOS terminals market by 2024

Knowledge is king

Equipping sales associates with in-store mobility solutions enables to identify the consumers wherever they are in the sales journey, match their insights and even provides a gateway to the loyalty programme and its benefits.

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Empowered sales staff

Identify the consumers wherever they are

Match their insights

Offer a gateway to the loyalty programme


How tech-augmented sales associates are reinvigorating retail

To complement our publication, we  shared our expertise on how retailers can empower their sales team and maximise the potential of the mobility trend, to deliver a better and customised in-store experience.

Looking forward : iCON

To support merchants in developping the best in-store experience, Worldline has developped a new protoype of mPOS: the iCON. Currently in prototype phase, this innovation will enable retailers to make the most of in-store mobility with a flexible, easy-to-use device that allows store associates to combine payment services with rich product and customer insight. In our paper, we highlight the potential of this new solution for merchants willing to implement an in-store mobility programme.

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