Forging fidelity

Customer loyalty gets a digital makeover

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Rethinking customer loyalty

The traditional model of transactional customer loyalty programmes is broken. This presents an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty via an emotional connection with shoppers.

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consumers engaged with less than half of the loyalty schemes to which they are members


consumers more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programmes


consumers saying they are members of at least one loyalty programme

Customer loyalty matters more than ever

The era of transactional customer loyalty programmes is coming to an end. Welcome to the era of emotional customer loyalty. Today customer loyalty is about building an emotional bond with the consumer, strengthening relationships through exclusive, experiential-based offerings.

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How to digitise consumer loyalty and maximise conversions

To complement our paper, discover our blog sharing the latest trends and best practices to implement a successful loyalty programme for your customers and increase your conversion, thanks to meaningful and efficient fidelity campaigns.

Solution in practice: Ingenico Tap & Connect

Ingenico’s new Tap & Connect solution offers retailers a quick and easy process to sign up new customers to loyalty programmes and push rewards and benefits to existing loyalty members, reducing the cost, time and effort needed. With Tap & Connect, the payment terminal recognises whether or not customers have a loyalty pass stored in their digital wallet when they go to pay using their smartphone.

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